lundi 19 septembre 2016

Top 10 songs in KPOP so far for 2016

Every year we keep continue to see new faces on K-pop world as idol keep it become more and more difficult for idol to earn a place on popular music charts. And yet some talented group and idol prove that they still did awesome works, they still doing well in Korea and oversea as well.

So KPOP TREND have selected a list of top 10 songs that are doing well so far in 2016.

Let see which songs are on the list

 10. Wonder Girls' 'Why So Lonely' 

9. Black Pink's 'Whistle'
8.  BTS's 'Fire'  
7. EXO's 'Monster'
6. NCT U's 'The 7th Sense'  
5. Lee Hi's 'Breathe'
 4. TWICE's 'Cheer Up'
3.  Taeyeon's 'Rain'
2. G-Friend's 'Rough'
1. MAMAMOO's 'You're The Best'  

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