lundi 19 septembre 2016

Big Bang’s T.O.P has warned the stalking fans (sasaeng fans) on his official Instagram

On 16th of September Big Bang’s T.O.P has taken his official Instagram to warn his Chinese Ssasaeng fans to stop ringing his doorbells in Seoul or he will report to the police. T.O.P has posted the warning with a picture and he wrote "To my Chinese fans... Please do not come to my house... T.T The doorbell rings all through the night and surprises me. I'm so scared I could die. My heart is going to burst. I've been being patient, but I'm going to report it to the police from now on."

It seems like T.O.P has had enough of the with rising incidents involving sasaeng fans stalking and visiting their favorite K-pop idols’ homes unannounced.

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