mercredi 26 octobre 2011

My "English Lectrice" Class

The "English Lectrice" class is here to make us speak english and learn some new vocabulary for our internship. I start to like thiss class with just 3rd time of classs maybe because of the game that we played and the "Warm-up" that make me learn some new english expression like "The gess is always greener on the other side of the fence", "Word of mouth". I think that we should keep up playing some new games which could make us learn about American cultures through it, it will be awesome to enjoy and learn at the same time.

mercredi 19 octobre 2011

"How I met your mother"

It's the first time for me to watch the whole episode of this sitcom, I have never watched it before. How I met your mother has received strong rating but I didn't enjoy it when I watch the first episode even I'm a fan of funny movie. But I have noticed the skill of the characters in the sitcom, they know how to show theirs differents felling through their faces expressions and make people laught just by theirs faces expressions.Even I don't really like it I think that I'll try to watch a few more episodes because it's always good to learn english by watching english show, just with the first episode I have learned some new vocabulary like "Break the dawn". Thanks Amber to show this sitcom!

mercredi 12 octobre 2011


Hey guys, I would like to create this blog to help you all to find yours internships in different countries. Actually we are students in University of Auvergne in France, I don’t know how many people are reading this blog but we are searching for internships offers for bachelor’s degree level if you have some internships offers in Management, Business Administration or Marketing, please be free to contact me with my e-mail: or , I will post all the offers in this blog. We have to do our internships in foreign countries for 4 months; it would be very kind of you to help us. Thanks you in advance!