samedi 15 octobre 2016

Massiac - France Fall 2016

 KL is in France currently and I have visited Massiac, a small village in middle of France. This village is surrended by mountains and you can see also the green grass everywhere. The fresh air and the smell of the nature is everywhere in Massiac.

If you love the nature you will love Massiac. In winter the snow will cover the green color of the mountain and replaced by the white color everywhere in which will change the whole landscape of Massiac.

If you have time to visit France, you should pass by Massiac to enjoy the nature. Let find some pictures that was took in Massiac. Enjoy the views.

Most Stylist Sunglasses for 2016

Winter is not here yet we still have time to enjoy the sunny day with stylist sunglasses that you found from different style from cateyes to oversized sunglasses. Maybe you are not confident enough to wear the oversized sunglasses but they are the trend in all runway show for spring-summer collection and we expext that it will continue to be the trend for fall-winter as well.

So let start to see the most stylist eyewears that you can find out there for 2016.

Cat Eye

Surprising as it may seem, while the cat eyes do reign supreme and seem to appear all over the place.

- Aviator Sunglasses

Gorgeous aviator sunglasses can be seen all around.

- Geometric Sunglasses

If you prefer the rectangular look over than of the round or cat eye, you are in luck! 

- Oversized Sunglasses

This is the theme that you should take care to follow best. While you might like tiny glasses, it is the oversized that rules the runway for the spring and summer.

- Square

Rounded glasses are great and all, but it is the square that appeals to so many of us out there 

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Trendy looks for Fall/Winter 2016

Need some inspirations for your look for this Fall/Winter? We have selected some Fall/Winter trendy looks for you. For Fall/Winter 2016 it will be a welcome shot of color on sharp shoulders, corsetted waists, oversized streetwear and the puffy volume that is gaining fashion ground.

Let check them out.